St. Louis County Divorce Lawyer

Effectively taking care of your family in the midst of transitions can be an immensely stressful task.

The legal issues that accompany divorce, family law and estate planning issues are often incredibly complicated and frequently take a serious toll on emotions. If you are dealing with these issues, arriving at a resolution that preserves you and your loved ones' well-being requires legal expertise and a full understanding of your family's dynamics.

St. Charles Family Law Attorney

I am Susan E. Hamra, and for over three decades I have been working as a lawyer to help clients arrive at success by fusing my comprehensive family law and estate planning knowledge with a commitment to understanding all client issues. By working one-on-one with every client, I am able to efficiently, effectively and collaboratively develop a plan with an ideal outcome in mind. From there I can amicably and constructively work with all individuals involved in a case, including my opposing counsel.

This professional approach has helped clients come to settlements and resolutions that have protected the immediate financial and emotional well-being of their family, while setting the course for healthy long-term interaction among all family members.

I employ this approach because I know how much more control families have when they are able to settle and orchestrate their own resolutions, rather than litigating and leaving decisions up to the court. That said, I am ready to go to court to aggressively protect your interests, bringing the skills I used as the Chesterfield prosecutor, if an amicable resolution cannot be reached in negotiation.

A best possible outcome in these issues comes from deliberate and decisive action. I encourage you to reach out so I can help you start working toward an ideal resolution as soon as possible.

To discuss a Missouri family law or estate planning issue in a free initial consultation with St. Louis County divorce attorney Susan E. Hamra, call 636-898-5881 or e-mail Hamra Law Firm LLC.