Do Not Put Off Drafting Your Will Or Trust

It is common practice to put off will and trust preparation. The problem is, people give up rights of control over an estate when they do this.

When people die without a will or trust in Missouri, the death is declared intestate, and Missouri's revised statutes of intestacy define the asset distribution process. This can create significant problems for families, particularly when children are involved. An administrator then has to oversee the process, which may not be the ideal situation.

At my law office in Chesterfield, Missouri, I help individuals and families create customized estate plans suited to their needs. I represent clients across St. Charles County and St. Louis County.

A will alone does not avoid probate. A trust can define a trustee to control assets without court intervention. This person (trustee) can use his or her discretion to ideally handle assets as you have directed. Without a trust, the executor is at the mercy of whatever the court dictates.

Ideally, drafting wills and trust documents is something to be taken seriously and with full knowledge of all decisions.

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Regardless of the size of your estate or complexity of estate planning issues, I am ready to take over 25 years of estate planning experience to help you ideally preserve yours and your loved ones' interests. Using both revocable and irrevocable trusts, I can ensure that your desires are explicitly defined.

The combination of direct work with my clients and full understanding of all issues has helped hundreds of families reach success in estate planning. I want to help you do the same.

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