Decades Of Experience On Your Side

The legal issues that accompany estate planning, family law and divorce are often incredibly complicated and can take a toll on you and your family. Whatever challenges you face, achieving a resolution that preserves your well-being and that of your loved ones requires legal expertise and a full understanding of your family's dynamics.

A Professional And Productive Approach

My clients benefit from my counsel, in part, because I aim to work both amicably and constructively with all individuals involved in a case, including my opposing counsel.

This professional approach has helped my clients come to settlements and resolutions that protect the immediate financial and emotional well-being of their families, while setting the course for healthy long-term interaction among all family members.

Whether you are going through a divorce or another dispute, my approach offers control to families, allowing you to orchestrate your own solutions, rather than leaving decisions up to the court. That said, I am prepared and willing to go to court to aggressively protect your interests, bringing the skills I used as the Chesterfield Prosecutor, if a resolution cannot be reached in negotiation.

The best possible outcome to any legal problem stems from deliberate and decisive action. I encourage you to reach out to me as soon as possible so I can help you understand your options and start working toward an ideal resolution.