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Understanding Missouri Spousal Support Law

The threshold for the determination of spousal support in Missouri is centered on two factors:

  • The ability of the requestor to support himself or herself based on employment
  • The ability for him or her to support himself or herself on residual income from property or investment

If the requestor cannot support himself or herself based on these factors, then he or she is a candidate for spousal maintenance. When making the calculation, the court considers:

  • Marriage duration
  • Living standard
  • Living arrangements if the requestor is a custodial parent
  • The possible or plausible earnings of the requestor
  • The possible or plausible earnings of the paying spouse

The court also takes into account other variables, including sacrifices a party may have made for the benefit of a spouse's career, parenting responsibility, education or vocational training as well as other requirements for obtaining gainful employment.

In addition, there are issues of whether or not to make support modifiable or non-modifiable to be considered. Because of the complexity of these issues, it is crucial to partner with a skilled lawyer in order to achieve an ideal outcome.

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