Financial Powers of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney: Definitely decreases and probably eliminates the risk of having a Court appointed Conservator which is expensive for family, requires annual accountings, can cause severe family emotional upset, and requires the alleged incompetent to be served legal papers by the County Sheriff in almost all cases.

Financial Powers of Attorney appoint one or more persons to handle the following for you in addition to other matters:

  • Sign contracts
  • Conduct banking transactions
  • Open and close accounts
  • Sign deeds
  • Sell your house
  • Sue in your name
  • Handle many other financial transactions
  • Deal with insurance companies
  • Speak with attorneys and accountants
  • Handle affairs outside a Trust which you could handle if you were competent

You may tailor your Financial Power of Attorney to:

  • be valid only in the event if you become incompetent or if you are missing or held hostage (called a "Springing Durable Power of Attorney"). It "springs" into effect upon these events.
  • be valid now and if you are incompetent, or in the event you are missing or held hostage (Durable Power of Attorney). Does not "spring into effect".
  • contain other customized provisions which should be discussed with an attorney.