Making Your Health Care Wishes Known

Have you thought about how decisions regarding your health care will be made if you become incapacitated and unable to decide for yourself? By establishing a health care power of attorney as a part of your full estate plan, you can place those decisions in the hands of a trusted loved one.

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Choosing A Trusted Agent

A health care power of attorney-in-fact is a heavy responsibility, and should only be granted to someone you trust and who is willing and able to bear the burden. This person, known as an agent or attorney-in-fact, may be called upon to make tough decisions regarding certain types of treatment, including end-of-life care. They may have to make these decisions in the face of disagreements with family members and even medical professionals.

Other considerations include proximity and longevity. Your agent should be nearby in the event of a prolonged medical crisis. Ideally, your agent will also be someone who is expected to remain in good health and of sound mind for some time.

A health care power of attorney often goes hand in hand with a living will. I can help you establish both of these crucial documents so you can rest assured that your decisions will be honored in the event you are no longer able to express your wishes.

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