FAQs About Limited Scope Representation

Q: What is limited scope representation?

A: Sometimes a person doesn't need a lawyer for an entire case but does need advice or court documents prepared by a lawyer. I am happy to work with you in this way which is known as "limited scope representation."


Q: My spouse and I have agreed on how to divide our property and we don't have any children. We don't know how to write up the papers to finalize our divorce.

A: This is a perfect case for "limited scope representation." Provided that the assets are not complex in nature, we should be able to work together on a cost-effective basis to finalize your divorce.


Q: My wife and I were divorced. I was supposed to receive one-half of her pension but her company won't accept the judgment to divide the pension. What do I do?

A: I will work with you to draft a "qualified domestic relations order" which the company may require to divide the pension.


Q: My spouse and I agree on sharing custody of our children but the long forms we have to fill out for court don't really say what we want.

A: The requirements in St. Louis County and St. Charles County are different regarding the format of the written plan and some of the forms can be confusing. A lawyer can draft the custody (parenting) plan for you and tailor it to fit your situation.


Q: My spouse says we are each entitled to one-half of each other's inheritances but my friends say that we aren't. My inheritance was much larger than hers. I don't know what to do.

A: A lawyer who will give "limited scope representation" can advise you on the law regarding inheritances which can be complex. Once you know the law, you will be more prepared to protect your interests.


Q: I don't have a lawyer. My husband has a lawyer and he drew up the final documents to finalize our divorce. I want to make sure I'm protected.

A: A limited scope representation lawyer will read the final documents and advise you as to whether the documents accurately set forth your understanding. The attorney can also tell you whether there are matters you may not have thought about.

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