Child Custody: Protecting What Matters Most

Child custody is one of the most commonly contested issues in divorce. Whether you need to resolve a child custody dispute as part of a divorce or breakup, or perhaps you need to modify an existing custody order, I will do everything possible to work toward your success.

For over 30 years, I have been helping families reach ideal resolutions in disputes over legal custody, shared custody, sole custody, and general physical custody and visitation. From my law office in Chesterfield, Missouri, I am committed to helping families in St. Charles County and St. Louis County achieve parenting plan agreements that suit their situations and protect their important relationships.

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Understanding Missouri Child Custody Law

When Missouri courts determine custody, there is no preference given to a specific parent due to age, sex or financial status. The determination is based on the interests of the child, including:

  • Frequent, continuing and meaningful relationship with both parents
  • The ability and willingness of parents to meet a child's needs
  • The child's relationship with parents
  • Mental and physical health of parents
  • A child's wishes (depending on the age of the child)

These issues can be some of the most heavily contested in family law. If you and your family are dealing with them, the skill of an expert attorney cannot be overvalued.

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My Approach To Child Custody Cases

As a family law lawyer, it is my goal to work as efficiently and amicably as possible to help you and your loved ones reach a best possible outcome. Combining comprehensive knowledge with an amicable approach preserves emotions and well-being for years to come. I will work one-on-one with you to understand all issues you are facing. Once I fully understand your circumstances, I can help you work toward a custody plan that best suits your situation.

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