Resolving Paternity Issues

Paternity issues can be some of the most important matters in terms of establishing health and well-being for a family. A father must file paternity action in order to secure his custody and visitation rights to his child. For a mother, establishing paternity is necessary in order to secure rights to child support.

I help people resolve paternity matters in Chesterfield, Missouri, and throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County.

It is important to realize that even in cases when a father has not been involved in a child's life, he may be responsible for expenses related to the child, which may include:

  • Medical expenses and insurance
  • Birth costs
  • Prenatal care
  • Child support

In addition, there may be medical reasons to establish paternity. A great deal of medical knowledge can be obtained by understanding possible inherited conditions. Issues of blood type and other transplant options can also be known by determining the genetic father.

How Can I Help You?

If you are facing any of these family law issues, the experience of a lawyer is critical.

Because I have been working on these issues for decades, I am able to effectively and efficiently work toward the ordering of genetic or DNA testing to help you determine paternity and secure the rights to which you are entitled.

I am prepared to support you if you are a mother or putative father and can work with issues of summons, petition, judgment, default or contempt orders to help you arrive at an ideal resolution.

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