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3 tips for celebrating the holiday season after divorce

The holidays are not always joyful. If you are going through or just finished your divorce, you may actually be dreading the holiday season. What should be a time full of happiness and family may only bring up bad emotions. 

Figuring out how to celebrate your first Thanksgiving or Christmas after your divorce can feel almost impossible, but you can do it. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays after the end of your marriage. 

The rules for making a will in Missouri

A will is one of the basic estate-planning tools. Whether alone or in conjunctions with trusts and other instruments, a will can provide an effective way to allocate your property.

Missouri law sets forth some essential technical requirements. Getting them wrong can cause the probate court to invalidate a will and proceed to distribute the estate as per Missouri's intestacy laws.

Dividing property in a Missouri divorce

Figuring out asset division can be a tough part of any divorce. Understanding how Missouri law generally approaches this issue can help you get a clearer picture of what you can expect.

Every divorce involves different personalities, priorities and types of assets. Thus, instead of a strict by-the-numbers approach, judges typically consider a variety of factors. Even if it is your goal to ultimately avoid litigation, knowing the basic framework can give you a basis for planning negotiations.

The best way to get a divorce in Missouri

When you think about divorce, do you imagine heated court battles, vengeful acts and a constant tug-of-war? If you do, you are not alone. It is sometimes a deterrent for couples who want out but do not want to experience those circumstances.

However, the truth is that you have other options besides fighting in court and having a judge determine the outcome. Litigation is sometimes necessary, but when it is not, it is only harmful to your time, money and family. Try the best way to divorce instead.

Changes to make in your estate plans after a divorce

The divorce is final, and you have settled into your new life. With the exception of possibly needing to make modifications in the future, you no longer have to worry about the legal effects of your divorce, right?

Wrong. The end of your marriage impacts more than just child custody and property division. It also requires that you alter your estate plans to reflect your current state of affairs. Make these changes now to ensure your assets go where you want them to and your children receive protection if you pass away. 

3 ways to enforce child support orders

Child support orders are a legal obligation that can have serious consequences if not fulfilled. Whether you are depending on support from an ex or have an order to submit support payments, there are a few things you should know about enforcement methods when the supporting party does not make payments. According to the Missouri Bar, the Family Support Division assists parents seeking to enforce support orders.

The following are three ways that the division may enforce support orders if it becomes necessary. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of child support, acquiring a legal representative may help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights. There are options available for parents who are struggling to make payments and those seeking support from a noncustodial parent.

How to successfully co-parent with your ex-spouse

No matter where you are in the divorce process, you may find yourself wondering how you can co-parent with your ex-partner in St. Charles County when there is so much animosity and arguing. You may not want anything to do with your spouse now that you are moving on. But if you want to minimize the amount of stress and conflict your children will endure because of the situation, you should learn how to tolerate your soon-to-be ex-spouse. 

A divorce decree does not change the fact that your kids have two parents. You do not need to live together or agree about everything to raise them successfully. You just need to develop a good co-parenting plan and stick with it. 

Explaining divorce to children

Divorce is often a challenging and confusing time for families in Chesterfield. Even though it is the parents who are separating, children tend to have trouble understanding the situation. With tensions and emotions running at an all-time high, parents may become so wrapped up in themselves that they fail to recognize that they owe their kids more than just a simple explanation for what is going on. If you are in the process of splitting one household into two, here are some things you should take into consideration about your children's feelings and divorce.


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