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Do you need a will if you are married?

The idea of planning for what happens after you die may not be exactly fun to think about. However, planning ahead is going to be very helpful to your family. While it will not affect you one way or the other, it can save your family from many headaches and legal issues. If your only family is a spouse, you may wonder if you really need to worry. You may have your spouse as a joint owner on assets and accounts. He or she may be the beneficiary on any policies you have. Anything, where you are the sole owner, would just go to your spouse under the law in Missouri, right? That may not always be the case, so even if you think everything is ready to go, you may still benefit from a will.

MarketWatch explains that the only situation where your spouse would automatically get everything you own is if she was your only relative, meaning you have no children or anyone else that could lay a claim on your assets after your death. If you have assets that only you own, they could be up from grabs after you die. They may not automatically go to your spouse, especially if someone else objects to your spouse getting everything.

You need to plan for the unexpected or for someone in your family to not be happy and want his or her piece of your estate. A will helps avoid those issues and makes your wishes clear. You can ensure that through your will everything you have does go to your spouse. Do not rely on default rules. This information is for education and is not legal advice.