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Do you have all the documents necessary for your estate?

Rather than leave your friends and family in Missouri a muddled mass of confusion and frustration after you pass, you decided to start tending to estate planning. Make sure you have a checklist of the most essential documents for your beneficiaries.

U.S. News & World Report has you covered. Double-check to see that you and your estate are as well-prepared as you hope you are.

A letter of explanation

Besides your actual will, you may want to include an accompanying letter that breaks down your thought process for dividing assets. Some of your beneficiaries may feel confused about their asset portion, but a letter of explanation can defuse family arguments and hard feelings.

A personal inventory

Sometimes, assets do not always look like assets. Note all valuables and assets you possess, even if you already listed them in your will. Let your heirs know if you have anything tucked away in a storage facility or otherwise outside your main residence.

A list of financial accounts

Note all brokerage funds, retirement accounts and the like. Additionally, write down the designated beneficiary for each account. You may later need to make changes to either your accounts or beneficiaries, so be sure you look over this list every year or so.

Online account login information

Rather than hard copies, most of your financial documents could be of the digital variety. If so, be sure to leave site addresses and all your login information so your beneficiaries can find them. Note whether you use a password manager. Also, provide login details for your social media profiles and instructions for how you want to handle them after your passing.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.