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Midlife crises and the estate planning process

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | estate planning

Creating an estate plan can be challenging for any individual, regardless of their age or the unique challenges they may be struggling with in life. For some people, however, approaching this process can be especially difficult. For example, someone who is going through a midlife crisis may be dealing with a number of emotional hurdles that get in the way of their ability to create a will or set up a trust. Moreover, various triggers may bring on a midlife crisis, such as the loss of a loved one, and this can further complicate one’s ability to maneuver the estate planning process.

We know how tough midlife crises can be, and middle-aged adults who are struggling with these challenges may feel hopeless or they may be dealing with extreme anxiety. Some may push off setting up an estate plan because of such a crisis, and some people may even develop a midlife crisis because they decided to create an estate plan and think about some of the issues that may arise down the road.

However, having an effective estate plan in place can be very beneficial for many people who are going through these hardships. For example, an estate plan can get rid of uncertainty about one’s future and give them reassurance that their estate and their loved ones will be accounted for with respect to their assets and everything that they have acquired throughout their lives.

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